about this site

site created and edited by: Antoinette LaFarge
Professor of Art, UC Irvine

Fictive art is a term I started using in 2001 to describe a particular form of aesthetic production that doesn't belong to any one field. Other terms for related kinds of work include superfiction and parafiction. Fictive artworks have clearly fictional elements but extend outside the realm of the textual in various ways, principally through the creation of realia. A working definition of the term might be: plausible fictions created through production of real-world objects, events, and entities.

Many of these works are considered marginal or outliers within their own fields—tagged as naive art or hoaxes, for example—and they encompass many methods and media, ranging from objects to publications to events. For these reasons, they have not hitherto been considered together as comprising a distinct form of human activity, and moreover one that that has arguably taken off in the last quarter century. By straddling the boundary between the actual and the imaginary, they raise vital questions about how we construct truth, manage belief, and negotiate our world. This site is intended to introduce the idea of fictive art, to lay a groundwork for understanding the term, and to serve as a repository of information about fictive artworks.

Please note that work on the archive has been suspended while I work on a book on fictive art, tentatively entitled Fictive Art: World-making, Narrative, and Play. Please contact me (alafarge at uci dot edu ) if you know of any fictive artists or projects that you feel should be included. I especially welcome comments, queries, and suggestions from artists working in the field.