F.I.R.E. [first issue reserved edition]

F.I.R.E., or First Issue Reserved Edition, is a "unique collection of U.S. postage stamps" created by a self-described "terrorist/artist living and working in New York's East Village." The F.I.R.E. web site displays its  stamps under three categories: life, people, and commemoratives. Most enshrine ideas, people, or objects of American culture that would never appear on official U.S. postage stamps: guns, the homeless, friendly fire, Jack Kevorkian, Waco. A stamp commemorating the atomic bomb is captioned "shame on US".

F.I.R.E. stamp editions follow the standard for production of official postage stamps: they bear a face value and are printed on gummed, perforated paper. Visually, there is little or nothing to differentiate them from official postage, apart from the selection of subject matter.

The F.I.R.E. website has remained unchanged since the mid-1990s (era of the 32-cent first-class stamp), indicating that this project may now be dormant.

F.I.R.E. web site