Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (Rosalind Brodsky)

The Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (Imati) is an imaginary future institution that has, in its own phrase, been " committed to time travel based research since 2005". Imati holds archives relating to the time travels of one Rosalind Brodsky, a delusional alter ego of artist Suzanne Treister. Brodsky's chrono-displacements wearing an Electronic Time Travelling Costume cause her to intersect with widely separated 20th century events (the Russian Revolution, the Second World War, the movie Schindler's List). Brodsky's belief in her ability to time travel was apparently released in a session with famed analyst Julia Kristeva in 1995; she "died" in the year 2058.

A light-hearted approach to the idea of alternative histories  is evident in surreal touches, such as a recipe for making pierogi from Black Forest Cake and a set of "delusional watercolours". Treister/Brodsky's titles evince a fondness for puns: for example, a group of "attache cases" that exploit several other glosses on the word 'case', such as  "Rosalind Brodsky's Case for Embracing Judaism." The title of Brodsky's band, the Satellites of Lvov, pays homage to a 1973 Lou Reed song.

Brodsky's chronicles are related through exhibitions,  a CD-ROM, and a website.

Sources: Rosalind Brodsky's home page; Suzanne Treister's home page; Maria Miranda, "Fictive Art in New Media".