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Gaposchk, Anabella [Mariana Tres]

Anabella Gaposchk was a 19th century artist who created photographs that appear to show celestial bodies such as nebulae and galaxies. Her images were actually made through a process of throwing white powders (sugar, baking soda) against a black background.

Hokes Archives

The Hokes Archives is a project in fictive archeaology created by artist Beauvais Lyons. Lyons has created the artefacts for at least two fictional ancient near Eastern civilizations, the Apasht and the Aazudians. In addition, he creates the field notes, diagrams, and other scientific documents pertaining to archeological excavations of these civilizations. Lastly, he creates museum-style exhibitions of the artefacts and documents, often accompanied by lectures that he gives as "Dr. Lyons," director of the Hokes Archive, or his German counterpart, Heinrich Dreckmueller.

Institute for the Study of Perpetual E.motion

This institute, which appears to be a web-based entity, describes itself as "dedicated to the scientific study of emotion as relays, networks and vibrations. Our mission is to make visible and audible, emotions that are undetected in everyday life." The mission statement goes on to claim a basis for the research in multiple theories, including an interpretation of string theory that classifies emotions as the fifth force after gravity.

Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (Rosalind Brodsky)

The Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (Imati) is an imaginary future institution that has, in its own phrase, been " committed to time travel based research since 2005". Imati holds archives relating to the time travels of one Rosalind Brodsky, a delusional alter ego of artist Suzanne Treister. Brodsky's chrono-displacements wearing an Electronic Time Travelling Costume cause her to intersect with widely separated 20th century events (the Russian Revolution, the Second World War, the movie Schindler's List).

International Corporation of Lost Structures (Suzanne Treister)

The International Corporation of Lost Structures (ICoLS) is an "imaginary ninth dimensional architectural space" that is perhaps most visible through its website. As with other imaginary and fictive institutions, it has a number of highly specialized divisions featuring evocative names, including the Local Unit of Missing Links, the Department of Revolutionary Nostalgia, the Department of Global Disenchantment, and the Department of Dislocated Memory.

ICoLs was founded by Suzanne Treister, who was subsequently joined by Bronia Iwanczak as co-director.