Chien Délicieux, Le

Le Chien Délicieux is an ethnographic quasi-documentary by Ken Feingold.

Circular River Project

Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn's Circular River project (1998-99) is a fictive photodocumentary purporting to tell the story of a 1944 British "Royal Excavation Corps" expedition to Siberia in search of Peter Hesselbach, a downed German glider pilot.

Sputnik: The Odyssey of the Soyuz II

Joan Fontcuberta's 1997 Sputnik project is a classic of fictive art. Sputnik details the life and exploits of a little-known Russian cosmonaut named Ivan Istochnikov whose mysterious disappearance during the flight of the Soyuz 2 spaceship in 1968 was followed by an extensive cover-up on the part of the Soviet bureaucracy.

Hokes Archives

The Hokes Archives is a project in fictive archeaology created by artist Beauvais Lyons. Lyons has created the artefacts for at least two fictional ancient near Eastern civilizations, the Apasht and the Aazudians. In addition, he creates the field notes, diagrams, and other scientific documents pertaining to archeological excavations of these civilizations. Lastly, he creates museum-style exhibitions of the artefacts and documents, often accompanied by lectures that he gives as "Dr. Lyons," director of the Hokes Archive, or his German counterpart, Heinrich Dreckmueller.

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