scientific research

Chien Délicieux, Le

Le Chien Délicieux is an ethnographic quasi-documentary by Ken Feingold.

Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich Manuscript is an illustrated book of unknown authorship written in a unique script and language, neither of which has yet been deciphered. On almost every page, the text is accompanied by very unusual hand-drawn illustrations ranging from botanical specimens of plants not found on earth to elaborate cosmological diagrams.

Hokes Archives

The Hokes Archives is a project in fictive archeaology created by artist Beauvais Lyons. Lyons has created the artefacts for at least two fictional ancient near Eastern civilizations, the Apasht and the Aazudians. In addition, he creates the field notes, diagrams, and other scientific documents pertaining to archeological excavations of these civilizations. Lastly, he creates museum-style exhibitions of the artefacts and documents, often accompanied by lectures that he gives as "Dr. Lyons," director of the Hokes Archive, or his German counterpart, Heinrich Dreckmueller.

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