Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (Rosalind Brodsky)

The Institute of Militronics and Advanced Time Interventionality (Imati) is an imaginary future institution that has, in its own phrase, been " committed to time travel based research since 2005". Imati holds archives relating to the time travels of one Rosalind Brodsky, a delusional alter ego of artist Suzanne Treister. Brodsky's chrono-displacements wearing an Electronic Time Travelling Costume cause her to intersect with widely separated 20th century events (the Russian Revolution, the Second World War, the movie Schindler's List).

Pink Gaffes

For a couple of years beginning in 1989, a trio of Italians made several hundred postage stamps and used them to send letters through their country's notoriously slow and inept postal service. The hand-drawn stamps tended towards the satirical and the comic: one that featured a picture of an Italian porn star called for protection of endangered species.

F.I.R.E. [first issue reserved edition]

F.I.R.E., or First Issue Reserved Edition, is a "unique collection of U.S. postage stamps" created by a self-described "terrorist/artist living and working in New York's East Village." The F.I.R.E. web site displays its  stamps under three categories: life, people, and commemoratives. Most enshrine ideas, people, or objects of American culture that would never appear on official U.S. postage stamps: guns, the homeless, friendly fire, Jack Kevorkian, Waco. A stamp commemorating the atomic bomb is captioned "shame on US".

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