what is fictive art?

Fictive art is a term that applies to creative works that share certain characteristics although made by quite disparate kinds of practitioners. Some objects that fall under this categorization are considered art; others are not. The major defining elements are two:

timeline of the term

2001: In August/September of 2001, I drafted a call for proposals for a CAA panel on fictive art, which read as follows: "Growing numbers of artists are deliberately combining textual and visual strategies to produce works that straddle the boundary between art, fiction, and history (Kahn and Selesnick; Fontcuberta; the Hokes Archives; Codex Seraphinianus; Myst).

history of the term 'fictive art'

I started using fictive art in 2001 to describe a certain kind of work I had long been fascinated by, including many of the pieces featured on this site. In the summer of that year,  Lise Patt (director of the Institute of Cultural Inquiry) and I were thinking of proposing a panel for the 2003 College Art Association conference on the kind of work featured on this site.

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